Producing videos for the Real Estate industry is one of Wintersun Productions specialities. We strongly believe in online video as one of the best and most effective marketing tools available. Videos are four times more engaging than static content, drive people to conversion faster, and the information retained in 60 seconds of video is the equivalent of 1.8 million words.

We are here to help you harness online video and believe that the videos we produce will help to make your property's marketing campaign standout, and also give the buyer a greater insight into the properties potential.

Using the latest cinematic film production tools, the videos produced by Wintersun Production are compelling and engaging. All services are highly customisable to each client, to ensure that a unique result is achieved each time.

Some examples of the production services we offer to the real estate industry include:

Property Videos

These are generally 1-3 minute clips set to music showcasing the property in its best light. Using a mix of aerial shots, and a range of camera movements, these videos really help to give a much greater insight into the property than just the use of still shots alone.

The videos can be customised to suit both the client and the agent - they can be introduced and narrated by the agent, or simply structured to let the video itself do the talking.

Agent Profiles

A profile video is a great way to get your personality across to prospective clients, and are something we believe every agent should have. These videos can be included on your website profile, as well as sent to clients whenever required.

A professional profile video can really help to set you apart in the highly competitive real estate industry, and gives you a chance to show your clients what you’re all about, and why you’re the right person for them to be doing business with.

Town & Suburb Profiles

A video showcasing a particular area, is a great tool for showing clients who aren't from the area. Once these videos are made, they can be used every time a house in that particular area is for sale, making them a great one off marketing investment for your agency. Using timelapses, aerial shots, and other cinematic techniques, these will showcase any given area in its best possible light.

Stock Footage Archive

We are continuing building an archive of footage of the North Coast and beyond, that can be used for film projects. When the conditions are pristine - we try and shoot it, so that when a certain shot is required to showcase an area, there is plenty to choose from.

Marketing Campaigns

A video marketing campaign is a perfect way to market your agency and its services in the online world. Optimal periods such as the lead-up to a series of auctions, or the sale of a prestige property are perfect to capture on footage and turn into a film that will showcase the professionalism of your agency, and get prospective clients excited about real estate.

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